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Which Dog Collar Should I Choose For My Hunting Dog?

night-animal-dog-petThe collar is a very important item for your dog. They are ideal for attaching a lead to, and they can also contain information about your dog that would enable them to be returned to you if they ever got lost. If you have a hunting dog, then you may be looking for a collar that has additional features that are useful when the dog is hunting. The collar that you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preference, but the following collars are three of the most popular choices.

Waterproof Collars

Waterproof collars have been specifically designed to repel not only moisture, but also dirt and mud. This also means that the collar is less likely to become somewhere that bacteria can breed, which can help protect your dog from infection. These collars only need to be rinsed under running water to get them clean. This is ideal for a hunting dog, as there will be many occasions where they become dirty and the cleaning of the collar will only take a few minutes.

animal-dog-pet-furHunting Dog Collars

Comfort will be of the utmost importance to your dog while hunting, and this is something that will concern you as well, as you wouldn’t want your dog to experience any discomfort. Hunting dog collars are often made from material that is both comfortable and hard-wearing, so it can stand up to the demands of hunting. They are also designed to protect the hair around the neck and prevent matting in longer haired dogs. They will usually come in a range of natural colors that look as good as they feel to your dog.

GPS Dog Collars

GPS collars can be very useful for hunting dogs because they will let you know exactly where that are at all times. This can be invaluable if your dog does not return from hunting when you would expect them to, as you can use the GPS device in the collar to narrow down the area that you will need to search in order to track them down. This can be even more useful if you are hunting in an area that you may not be that familiar with.

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